4 Browsers that Rewards Users in Cryptocurrencies

Thanks to digital currencies, it is much easier to airdrop or reward users on the Internet with money. Today, there are browsers that rewards you for using them. If you are still using mainstream browsers, why not try them now:

1. Netbox Browser

If you are using Windows, then I recommend Netbox. So far, it paid me the highest for my activities, currently I have NBX 377 equivalent to $23 today.

Download on Windows: https://netbox.global/r/publish0x

Short Description

“The first decentralized blockchain backed web browser BE FREE. BE SMART. BE INDEPENDENT. SURF THE WEB WITH NETBOX.BROWSER AND GET REWARDED. UNLIKE USUAL WEB BROWSERS, NETBOX.BROWSER IS A NODE ON BLOCKCHAIN The more Netbox.Browsers there are online, the more fast and stable Netbox.Chain is. The whole architecture of Netbox.Chain is designed to provide rewards for active Netbox.Browser users”. More info: https://netbox.global


  • Common Browser Functions
  • Get rewarded for using the browser and you may stake the rewards for more rewards. Based on my experience 3–6 hours using the browser gives you NBX 0.3–0.5. There are days I get over NBX 1.
  • Common digital wallet functions: send, receive, stake, buy, exchange, transactions.

Product list and upcoming:

  • Netbox.Browser
  • Netbox.Chain & Coin
  • Netbox.pay
  • Netbox.Wallet
  • Netbox.Store
  • Netbox.Trust
  • Netbox.Video
  • Netbox.Drive

Market Capitalization

During the creation of this post:

  • Rank: 370
  • Price: $0.063248
  • Market Cap: $4,715,670

Referral Program

Limited unused link, email support@netbox.global to become an affiliate and get unlimited link. NBX 1 if invitee creates a wallet, NBX 3 if invitee use Netbox Browser for a week, and NBX 6 if invitee use Netbox Browser for a month. More info: https://netbox.global/bonuses

2. Brave Browser

If your not on Windows or want to try something else.

Download on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS: https://brave.com/faj934

Short Description

It begins with giving you back power. Get unmatched speed, security and privacy by blocking trackers. Earn rewards by opting into our privacy-respecting ads and help give publishers back their fair share of Internet revenue. More info: https://brave.com


  • Common browser functions.
  • Common digital wallet function.
  • Tipping to any website, channel, social media profile, etc, and automatic tipping adjustment based on how much we interact with the website.
  • Built in ad-blocker and tor.
  • Random privacy friendly advertisement notifications.

Market Capitalization

It’s one of the top cryptocurrency coins during the creation of this post:

  • Rank: 32
  • Price: $0.256923
  • Market Cap: $367,696,575

Brave Publisher/Creator Reward

Allow Brave Browser users to tip BAT on your websites, channels, social media profiles, etc, and become an affiliate by earning up to $7.5 of BAT. More info: https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org

3. Bittube Browser or !Extension!

If you don’t want to change your browser.

Download on Windows, Linux, and Browser Extension: https://bittubeapp.com/?ref?2JY4FE0CP

  • Netbox + BitTube
  • Brave + BitTube
  • Any Browser + BitTube

Short Description

“The browser that respects your time and rewards your attention. BitTube reshapes how web monetization should work. Browse privately, ad free and support every publisher you visit. Your time powers the new attention economy without compromise.”. More info: https://bittubeapp.com


  • Common Browser Functions
  • Get rewarded for your session time and you may stake the rewards to increase the threshold. Look at the figure below, but in summary, your earnings are limited. To increase your limit, do one or all the following:
  • Mobile verified or KYC
  • Stake TUBE 2500
  • Stake TUBE 25000
  • Stake TUBE 250000
  • Default
  • Basic (do one of the above)
  • Pro (do two of the above)
  • Addict (do three of the above)
  • Common digital wallet functions: send, receive, stake, buy, exchange, transactions.
  • Built in adblocker and VPN

Market Capitalization

During the creation of this post:
Rank: 520
Price: $0.00990590
Market Cap: $2,334,661

Become an Affiliate and Monetize your Contents.

Get TUBE 5 for each invite https://bittube.app/?ref?2JY4FE0CP. More info: https://kb.bittubeapp.com/article/107-registration-referral-rewards
Monetize your websites, channels, social medias, etc by earning Tubes based on your audience’s session time:


A decentralized social media and video platform that uploads your video to IPFS to make it censorship resistance (I think at their own server as well). However not entirely resistant for the site. Their site simply list videos from IPFS for example, they will delist videos that violates ToS or requested but your video will still remain in IPFS.

4. CryptoTab Browser


If you know more, please leave a comment.

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