Assignment About Flow Control and Selective Repeat ARQ

Fajar Purnama
16 min readDec 5, 2020


This is my undergraduate assignment that I translated to English myself in the Data Communication course where my assignment is to write an essay on flow control, error detection and control, and selective repeat ARQ. Apart from me, this group consists of I Gede Ariana, I Made Dwi Angga Pratama, I Putu Arie Pratama, Yulianti Murprayana, I Wayan Alit Wigunawan, I Gusti Made Widiarsana, I Nym Apriana Arta Putra, Muhammad Audy Bazly, I Kadek Agus Riki Gunawan, Muhamad Nordiansyah. This task has never been published anywhere and we…

Fajar Purnama

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