Bypass Censorship By Proxy

Fajar Purnama
4 min readApr 18, 2020
Figure 0. animation of how I see proxy works.


Instead of going straight ahead to the destination address the packets turns around to the proxy server and processed there before going to the original destination. I use it because the connection in my country here doesn’t allow direct contact with certain sites, in short, blocked or censored. Ofcourse it won’t work also if the destination is blocked by the proxy server or to the proxy server itself is blocked.

Borrowing Web Proxy

Borrowing a web proxy is the next simple step to changing DNS. In this section is posted not the technical stuff but introduce web proxies available on the web. Below are steps of example web proxies or skip and go further below to watch the video.

Figure 1. With internet connection open your browser and go to a search engine, here I used Google.
Figure 2. Type web proxy or something similar in the search bar.
Figure 3. Pick one site that offers use of web proxy for example freeproxy.
Figure 4. Type the site you want to go to.

Borrowing Network Proxy

While web proxies are hosted on webpages as interfaces, netwrok proxies are usually in form of IP addresses and ports. You need to find your proxy configuration in your browsers or operating systems to input the proxies’ IP addresses and ports. Below are examples in Windows:

Figure 5. Open your browser and search for proxy list in search engine.
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