Bypass Censorship By TOR

Fajar Purnama
6 min readApr 25, 2020


The Onion Router (TOR) is an implementation of onion routing by volunteers whom anyone can join because it is free and open source. TOR is mainly used for anonymity, privacy, and alike. For example, journalists who needs to communicate with whistle blowers, activists under oppressive regime, detectives on under cover operations, and privacy advocates who does not like monitoring, surveillance, trackers, and anything that breaches privacy.

What is the difference between onion routing and vpn and proxy? The difference is the layer of encryptions. While proxy and vpn only provide one or up to few layer of encryptions, onion routing provides multiple layer of encryptions like an onion. In this article’s topic, what is the similarity between onion routing and vpn and proxy? They can be used to bypass censorships.

Proxy, vpn, and TOR bypassing censorship illustration.

Using TOR

Onion routing is the technology and TOR is the product that is free for anyone to use. TOR can be used in form of running application, browser, or browser extension. Regular people use TOR mostly to browse privately. I use TOR to bypass censorship as demonstrated in Video below where I access an anime site that was blocked.

Warning! Although surveillances cannot track your connections but they still can know that you are using TOR. The use of TOR by common people are frowned upon by most authority. In their reasonings, they need to monitor everything you are doing in order to keep law and order, especially their power. Only they are allowed to use privacy based technologies to go undercover and infiltrate criminal activities. Generally, you will be asked, why do you need to use TOR if you are not dealing with drugs, human trafficking, illegal weapons, porns, and other criminal activities? If not, then at least you will be on their special attention list.

TOR in Windows

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