Proxy, vpn, and TOR bypassing censorship illustration.

Using TOR

TOR as a browser is the only available use that I found in Windows. I did find tallow and torifier to torify applications, but sometimes it works, sometimes it does not based on my experience in installing in multiple Windows machine. If you do not want to change browser, than find a tor extension that you can install in your preferred browser.
If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I suggest to try Brave browser which is not only powered by Basic Attention Token (BAT) but has a built in TOR function as well.
TOR Browser is also available on Android.
You can use Orbot if you want other applications to go through the TOR network. This application also allows you to participate as a volunteer node in the TOR network.
Although Brave browser is available on Android but tor function is coming soon.

Building TOR Linux

Other than as a user, there are three more ways to join the TOR network. We can volunteer to be either a bridge, relay, or exit.
sudo apt install tor torsocks torbrowser-launcher
BridgeRelay 1
ORPort 9001
ServerTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy
ServerTransportListenAddr obfs4
ExtORPort auto
Nickname 0fajarpurnama0tor
Nickname 0fajarpurnama0tor
ORPort 9001
ExitRelay 0
SocksPort 0
ControlSocket 0
ExitRelay 1
DirPort 80
DirPortFrontPage /path/to/html/file
reject *:25
reject *:119
reject *:135-139
reject *:445
reject *:563
reject *:1214
reject *:4661-4666
reject *:6346-6429
reject *:6699
reject *:6881-6999
accept *:*


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