Can DEXG Speculative AMM Minimize Price Manipulation and Distribute Ownerships?

Fajar Purnama
6 min readOct 21, 2020


This article can be highly inacurate because this is only my understanding and my imagination based on:

  1. DEXG’s Publish0x blog post
  2. DEXG’s website
  3. DEXToken Protocol Whitepaper
  4. Flowchain’s Tokenized Hardware: The New Crypto Innovation
  5. Volatility Effect on the Adoption and Valuation of Tokenomics
  6. some other posts on Publish0x

which ultimately most of the screenshots are from the above sources. As an academic, I want to say that their publications are well written but I still find it hard to understand because it is not field and I have almost no experience in it. Still, I would like to direct this article to users where I address their problem and straight to the solution without explaining the method. Yes, most of us in public are only interested in how the product will be and care about what is inside the product later.

DEXToken Protocol is developed by The Flowchain Foundation which is an independent body that oversee the Flowchain open source project, a distributed ledger for the Internet of things (IOT). Currently, they are based in Singapore and have two branch in Shenzen for business development and Taipei for application development.

The Problem With Over Speculation

I only know two use case of volatility which are for uncorrelating an asset and for gambling. Other than that, volatility is generally a problem. A prime example of where volatility is problematic is for medium of exchanges. For example, a meal today costs 40 thousands Satoshis, tomorrow it costs 80 thousands Satoshis, and the next day costs 20 thousands Satoshis. Nobody wants to use something that is up and down as a medium of exchange, everybody wants to use something that is constant or goes up and only in that direction. Volatility discourages new users, new investors, and other newcomers which can slow down or even prevent development and adoption. There is even a publication that mathematically proves that volatility prevents adoption and vice versa where adoption can reduce volatility titled Volatility Effect on the Adoption

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