Common Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship

Fajar Purnama
4 min readApr 28, 2020


The technical details are in each articles. Proxy, VPN, and TOR bypassing censorship illustration.

Bypass Censorship by DNS

Simple Animation of DNS. More info in previous article: Bypass Censorship by DNS.

Bypass Censorship by Proxy

Animation of how I see proxy works. More info in previous article: Bypass Censorship by Proxy.

Bypass Censorship by VPN

Bypass Censorship through VPN Illustration. More info in previous article: Bypass Censorship by VPN.

Bypass Censorship by TOR

Other than as a user, there are three more ways to join the TOR network. We can volunteer to be either a bridge, relay, or exit. More info in previous article: Bypass Censorship by TOR.


My first Internet censorship experience as a user was back in my teens in Indonesia. My main entertainment was Japanese anime and manga. Everything was fine until they implement Internet censorship. It started when porn became viral on the news from as light as teenagers skipping school going to Internet cafe to watch port to as heavy as teenager rapes because they were inspired by porns. With most of society against even the smallest indecent acts pushed the congress to pass anti pornography law. It had nothing to do with for many months, but then one day, the anime and manga site which was my main source of entertainment was blocked until today. Then, when I was searching for certain technical details, I found out that Reddit was blocked and it frustrated me because the information I needed was there. The authorities probably block animes and mangas because they have obscene scenes even just a little like show panties and revealing clothes. They blocked Reddit probably because there was the not safe for work (NSFW) part, instead of trying to block that part only, they just blocked the whole Reddit and until today they have no intention of finding ways to block the NSFW only. This went too far which forced me to find ways to bypass their censorships.

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