Disable or Customize Windows 10 Update also Linux and Android

Fajar Purnama
6 min readOct 23, 2020


Sure that updates are important for securities and bug fixes that you should at least schedule an update once in a while. However, windows automatic update is now a problem and no longer just an annoyance. If you missed the initial option of only what time should Windows perform updates or Windows just would not listen to because it claimed to be a critical update then the problems are:

  • The update occurs when the user is shutting down a laptop. The user may have an urgent appointment or schedule and could not even afford to wait a minute for the update to finish and did you know that the fastest update that happens to me my friend in this case is 5 minutes, and some took 30 minutes. What do we do? If we are lucky enough to have enough battery capacity, we can just put our laptop alive in our bags and let it update while we travel but if we are unlucky, we have to force it to shutdown and pray that no damages will occur.
  • The update occurs when the user turns on a laptop. Similar to the previous point, the user may have a meeting and needs to present or immediately use the laptop for something. The result can be either the meeting is delayed for many minutes or cancelled. Another example, is that the may have an online exam or assignment deadline. A life and death example, is that the user needs to communicate for help but an update occurs and the user could have been saved if the update did not occur.
  • A not very important reason is the update consumes Internet quota. During not automatic update, the user may borrow free WiFi or other Internet connections for updates but the user may get unlucky and automatic update occurs and wastes Internet quota.

Though we can just switch to almost any Linux operating system because they never perform a task without the users’ agreement but most likely that we still need to use Windows:

  • Many people still relies on Microsoft Office. Eventhough there are Libre Office and Open Office, there are people who asked for Microsoft Office specific formats for example they do not accept dotx from Libre Office and Open Office but only docx from Microsoft Office. During my academics, I deleted Windows but have to reinstall because the academic paper submission…
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