Do you know that some Muslims view banks and DeFi as unlawful? What about Marhaba DeFi?

Fajar Purnama
8 min readNov 22, 2021

This is the first time I heard about “Marhaba DeFi”, a DeFi ecosystem that aims to be Shariah compliance. There are many religions in this World, for example in the west there are mostly Christians, in Asia there are Buddhism and Hinduism, and in the middle east there are Jews and Islam. Shariah is the legal practice derived from the teachings of Islamic religion based on its holy book “Quran” and the Prophets and its Muslim people way of life “Hadith”. Unless you have many Muslim communities in your area, you probably do not know that there are Muslims who refuse to use banking services because some of them believed to be unlawful practice based on the Islamic teachings. In my country Indonesia, more Shariah Banks are emerging which is different from the traditional banks. The difference is that they abide by the Shariah Law which is believed by many Muslims that they are lawful banks. Then it is not strange to find some Muslims reject most DeFi ecosystem just like they reject the traditional banks because they are not Shariah compliance. This may result in DeFi to never receive some Muslim customers. “Marhaba DeFi” envision on bringing a “Muslim also” platform. “Marhaba” in Arabic means “Welcome”, to welcome not only Muslim users but everyone else as well.

General Information in DeFi

For users who are new in DeFi space especially those who are new in the crypto space as whole may not be able to distinguish the uniqueness offered by “Marhaba DeFi”. When I read their Lite Paper and White Paper, I found many information that are not exclusive to Shariah practice but general to the whole DeFi space. Cryptocurrency and the rest of its technology are “neutral” as they are only financial technologies (FinTech). It is how they are used what matters to people. Just like how the Internet is neutral, it is what contents inside the Internet that matters. Therefore, I will list them here for you to know so that you can focus in the most important things and avoid embarrassing yourself for being amazed in things that are actually common:

Fajar Purnama

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