Essential User Interface Checklist for Atomic Wallet

Fajar Purnama
4 min readJun 15, 2020
Nice, Atomic Wallet have an in application price chart but only on personal computer (PC).

Bare Minimum

All wallets should have coin send and receive function. This section is for starters who have not used cryptocurrency wallet before. If you have, you may skip this section.

Although I believe that I should never recommend anyone to only buy bitcoin and altcoins, I strongly recommend everyone to have cryptocurrency wallet. The most minimum of all to enter cryptocurrency is to have an interface to receive coins and that is a wallet. I believe that a future will come where many people will need bitcoin and altcoins and there’s no safer way to get some other than having a wallet or at least a public/receiving address. In my experience, most of the people I have introduced bitcoin who did not have computer literacy background, have trouble even figuring out of how to receive coins.

To receive coin, (1) go to wallet, (2) choose a coin, (3) receive or down arrow, (4) copy and send address or QR code to the sender.

The other bare minimum function is to send coins. Nowadays the age of cryptocurrency adoption have not come so the send function is not used much. If cryptocurrency becomes widely adopted one day, the knowledge of how to carefully send is necessary with current system. The transaction is irreversible, one wrong character when inputing address will result in forever coin lost. Does Atomic Wallet have these foolproof functions?

  • Copy address to clipboard: Yes
  • QR code: Yes
  • Set fee: Yes
  • Address book: No
To send coin, (1) go to wallet, (2) choose a coin, (3) send or up arrow, (4) copy and insert address or scan QR code of receiver. Eventhough QR code is available but still double check because there phising cases that hackers change the QR code.

Operating Systems

People use different operating systems so if Atomic Wallet only supports few operating systems, it will be difficult to refer. So, what does Atomic Wallet support:

  • Windows: Yes
  • Linux: Yes
  • Mac: Yes
  • Android: Yes
  • IOS: Yes

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