Factory Reset on Smartphone and Windows and Linux

Fajar Purnama
4 min readOct 28, 2020

Factory Reset Android

Factory reset is an action of returning a device into its initial state when it was still in a package. There are many reasons for factory reset:

  • Resell your device as second hand or giving it to someone.
  • You feel a negative change in your device such as being very slow, often hangs, buttons does not work, other misfunctions, or even like my case that it blanks where no buttons worked.

If you value your data, do your best first to recover them such as backing them up into an SD card, connecting the Android to a computer using USB type C, or even using Android SDK. If no matter, you need the data, the furthest you can go is to boot into recovery and choose wipe cache partition instead of factory reset. If all else fails then go to a professional. Otherwise, the last thing to do is to perform factory reset:

  • Power off (press the power button for a long time).
  • 00:00 For my Huawei JDN-L01, press power button + volume up. For other device, check their websites or try every possible combination:
  • Power Button + Volume Up
  • Power Button + Volume Down
  • Power Button + Home
  • Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down
  • Power Button + Volume Up + Home
  • Power Button + Volume Down + Home
  • Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down + Home
  • 00:15 Release on second boot.
  • 00:35 Choose factory reset.
  • 03:35 Choose Language.
  • 04:00 Choose Region.
  • 04:10 Connect to WiFi.
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