First Experience using DEX

Fajar Purnama
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Loopring is currently an Ethereum token. From, Loopring allows anyone to build high-throughput, non-custodial, orderbook-based exchanges on Ethereum by leveraging Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Loopring is claimed to be secure, high throughput, and low cost. Loopring Exchange ( is the first decentralized trading platform built on top of Loopring 3.0. DEX Fees

  1. ETH 0.0001 (~$0.03) Registration + gas fee.
  2. ETH 0.0001 (~$0.03) deposit contract + gas fee and approval gas fee.
  3. ETH 0.002 (~$0.06) withdraw contract + gas fee and approval gas fee.

First Time on DEX

If this is your first time on decentralized exchange (DEX), you should know that the concept of DEX is to retain the ownership on you which is different from the centralized exchange that you probably know that whenever you deposit coins to these exchanges, you give up control over these coins to them in order to trade and do other financing. The most important factor for these exchanges are trust different from DEX which is programmed which if I’m correct, it is using smart contracts. Since this is an Ethereum based DEX, you need:

  1. Ethereum all the time for gas / transaction fee which in average ETH 0.006 (~$1.3) during the writing of this article although you are flexible to set the fee but affects the duration of the transaction.
  2. Wallet connect protocol such as WalletConnect, Metamask, Coinbase, and generally leads to Web3 the decentralized web.
  3. Other tokens that you want to trade.
Get Ethereum from someone, buy from centralized exchanges, earn or mine. Get any application that can perform wallet connect, here I use Metamask browser extension. You will have a public Ethereum address to deposit Ethereum and any of its tokens and don’t forget to backup and secure your private key.

Using DEX

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