Hand Carry Data Collecting Through Questionnaire and Quiz Alike Using Mini-computer Raspberry Pi

Fajar Purnama
20 min readMay 30, 2020


  • This paper was presented in The 4th International Mobile Learning Festival (IMLF) at Honk Kong, SAR China, on 10th June 2017.
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Conventionally data collecting through surveys or quizzes are usually done by distributing hard paper based questionnaires or by directly asking people themselves. With the invention of the Internet, the base of these methods changes to online. For example, in a high developed information communication technology (ICT) University, the authorized personnels sends emails to students to complete an online questionnaire resided on a certain website. However, in most cases on developing countries such as the ones resided in South East Asia, the people are already familiar with computer devices such as gadgets, laptops, netbooks, etc, but they do not have a reliable Internet connection. Therefore this work proposes a method which utilizes this situation that can improve the convenience of survey process for both the surveyors and participants. Since most people have gadgets, our method involves in providing a portable hotspot device for them to connect and access our local survey questionnaire website. This is possible thanks to the invention of credit card size computer such as Raspberry Pi. Like any other computer it can be filled with an…



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