Having a Taste of Being a Hacker

Fajar Purnama
13 min readMar 31, 2020

0. Outline

The world of a true hacker is a very complex but at the same time very exciting. The materials on hacking is very big, to us first hand knowledge of networking and programming is quite necessary. It’s an unheard that you have to know about the system if you want hack successfully. Unfortunately we will not go that far as the topic of this section mentioned we only let you have a taste of being a hacker. It’s not expected you will be a hacker after you finish this topic, but we will like to give you the sensation of a hacker. It’ll be a nice starting point if you want to be a hacker.

There are more steps than just hijacking a system, the learning objective is to know what that other steps are. We will learn a few tools used in hacking, and finally let you have a taste of exploitation and creating a malware. Basically we will:

  1. Know the common 4 steps of hacking.
  2. Know some famous tools in hacking.
  3. Perform experiments on virtual lab.

There are some demonstration in this course, and for this be very careful since hacking or penetration testing without permission is against the law, even port scanning is considered a violation (be careful of other information gathering as well). Along the way is explained how you may conduct your experiment. Here we use an OS specifically for penetration testing for example Backtrack, Kali Linux, ArchAssault, and BackBox (it’s up to you of what to use, you just need the right tool). We conduct testing on our owned PCs or virtual machines. We recommended for you learn a bit about computer network, learning programming also helps.

1. Are you a hacker, pentester, or either?

1.1 White, Grey, Black Hat, Which One Are You?

If you do a penetration testing then you’re a white hat, but if you do a hacking then you’re a black hat, and if you are not either, like one of the authors who is only curious. That author only wants to see whether he can break into the system, and after succeeding just leave it as it is. You only do it for fun can be categorized as gray hat. If you go further like with the purpose of destroying the system, stealing information, and other evil schemes you are categorized as black hat. The white hats on the other hand fights the black hats, they conduct penetration testing (hack) in order to find security issues on…

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