Is Zero Electricity Cost Cryptocurrency Mining Possible? Solar Power Bank on Single Board Computers

Fajar Purnama
8 min readMay 25, 2020


Fajar Purnama, Irwansyah, Muhammad Bagus Andra, and Tsuyoshi Usagawa


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Bitcoin reaches $10000 per coins again, other cryptocurrency coins’ value also drastically increases, but it does not mean that mining became profitable on personal level. The cost of electricity and internet remains a liability in households, but what if there is a method to zero that electricity running cost? The authors came up with an innovation of using solar panels to generate the electricity but even more so, a practical method that could easily be followed by average people. That method is the combination of solar panel, USB power bank, and USB powered computer devices which are usually smartphones and single board computers. The solar panel converts sun light into electricity and the power bank serves as the battery to store it which today’s available power bank is able to power USB powered computer devices. This article contains a mixed short discussion of economics, environments, and innovative technologies.


Fajar Purnama

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