Jetcoin Where Fans Are Also Rewarded

Fajar Purnama
5 min readJan 15, 2022

Up to today, there is only a unidirectional connection between the benefits of the fans and the stars. Fans gives a lot of supports to their stars while stars only receives. The result is sad to see that stars receives wealth, fame, and fortune, while fans receives nothing materialistic. What fans benefits are amusement, excitement, and motivation. New talents may not receive the same opportunity as the talent industry tends to become more monopolize. Jetcoin aims to fix this where the success of the stars can also become the success of the fans and can provide more opportunities for new talents to become stars.

The Talent Industry

The talent industry is an industry where talented people can become famous. No matter how talented a person is, that person can never be “called” talented if nobody knows. The role of the industry in anyway is to provide activities to promote their talents. Goods and services can be divided into necessities and desires. Necessities are primary that we may die if we do not consume such as foods, drinks, shelters, and medical services, while desires are secondary that we can still survive without them such as snacks, luxuries, media, and entertainment. Secondaries can be divided into goods and services that have direct impact and indirect impact. Examples of secondaries with direct impacts are information communication technologies where we can get and exchange information quickly, transportations to quickly move between places, electronics with various applications, cosmetics for beauty, fashions for style, and therapies for better health. The talent industry is a secondary with indirect impacts that mainly entertains people to bring joy and amusement. There are for example martial arts used in the talent industry but their purpose are different. Martial arts on the battle field are used to survive while martial arts used in the talent industry specifically the entertainment industry are used to obtain fame and fortune such as performing martial arts in movies and exhibitions. Therefore, the income of the talent industry strictly comes from other people which means if there are no people willing to pay for them, then no income…

Fajar Purnama

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