Making Private Streaming Server as Media for Surveillance Cameras with Red5

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This is my undergraduate assignment that I translated to English in Web-Based Telecommunication Applications where we are free to be in groups or alone and I chose to be by myself. The assignment is to experiment with software streaming servers. I prioritized others to choose their software such as HTML5, VLC, and Adobe Flash, in the end I got the rare one, Red 5. This task has never been published anywhere and I as the author and copyright holder license this task customized CC-BY-SA where anyone can share, copy, republish, and sell, provided that my name is mentioned as the original author and mention that the original and open version available here.

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background

Red5 server is an open source streaming server to provide video streaming facilities on the web. Examples of websites that specifically provide streaming videos are youtube and dailymotion, many more that haven’t been mentioned yet. With a ready-to-use Red5 server (no need to add internet programming, unless there is a special need) the Red5 server can also be called a CMS (Content Management System). Users just need to use it.

Around the world, many have used Red5 as a local streaming server, there are also some who use Red5 to publish on public servers. So far, Red5 has only been used as a video website. But I don’t know if anyone has tried Red5 as a media on surveillance camera. In this experiment I want to use Red5 for live streaming using the facilities provided by Red5 and using the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, and use it to build a personal surveillance camera.

1.2 Problem

  1. Can Red5 function as a medium for live streaming?
  2. Can the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder software live stream to Red5?
  3. Is Red5 effective for surveillance cameras?

1.3 Experiment’s Objective

Make use of Red5 server to build personal surveillance cameras.

1.4 Experiment’s Benefit

Can take advantage of the Red5 server as a surveillance camera media, and can view streaming on the camera anytime and anywhere.

1.5 Experiment’s Scope and Limitation



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