Manually Set IP Address Version 4

Fajar Purnama
5 min readOct 18, 2020


Today, Internet Protocol (IP) address version 4 is majorly used between computer communication over the network. However, most common people does not know that IP address is set on the network interface and not in the core system of the computer. For example, a laptop can have two IP address, one is on the cable and one is on the WiFi. This article guides users in setting IP address manually which can be for:

  • The network that we connect to have technical problem that we may have to set manually.
  • The usual automatic IP address received maybe blacklist and may not be from the main system but from malicious peers such as those who uses netcut to monopolize the traffic.
  • If you are going to be a administrator, you need to have this skill.
  • If you are studying in computers and engineerings, you may stumble on a class that requires you to set IP address manually for an experiment.
  • Eventhough you are not in computers or engineerings but you may come across a software that requires manual IP address setting.

Short Description

  • IP address is the address of your network card and if you do not understand them well, just change the last numbers and if you do not have a reference for users, just set it to automatic, take note of the IP address you receive and set it manually to a similar number.
  • Subnet mask determines the cluster of network you belong to. For example with subnet mask means you belong to a cluster which groups IP address ranging–
  • Gateway is the IP address destination when you want to send packet outside of the network. For example, to the Internet, if you cannot connect to the Internet, most likely a proble with your gateway configuration or the gateway itself.
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) is a server destination that can understand domain names. Your browser will not understand without a DNS server. If you successfully connect to the Internet but cannot open any website, then DNS setting can potentially be the problem.
  • Gateway metric is rarely touch because this configuration is only necessary if you…
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