My End of Year 2020 Blogging Income Report

Fajar Purnama
5 min readJan 5, 2021

Content Creation



  • LBRY : LBC 14 ≈ $ 1.6


Personal Monetization

Common Tasks



  • Survey, faucet, etc.: $ 0


Currently the quantity is too much to handle when the value I earned is not much. So I may report this on a separate article.

December 2020 Income ≈ $ 88

Grade: D

Income Before Full Time Blogging

I already started blogging before last October, however it was not yet a profession but a hobby that I got the chance to do in my spare time which is hard to retrack of how much I earned. I remembered that my first earnings are in Steemit and Hive but I included them in my October report since it is hard to retrace the previous earnings. It is safe to assume that I my earnings before are only from Publish0x. So my lifetime earning there are $325.59 + 152.31 (loopring seemed to be excluded in the stats) = $488. My October, November, and December income from Publish0x are $45.52 + $35.53 (Farm excluded) + $51.5 = $132.55. So my earnings before full time blogging is…



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