My Inspiration About The Secret of Financial Intelligence

Fajar Purnama
7 min readOct 8, 2019

0. Quick Tips: Study Financial Statement

  • Educate yourself now because no matter how much you have now, the risk is always there.
  • Generate income efficiently / efficiency index = income ÷ work time & effort.
  • Conserve / control your expenses / cure your overspending / stop wasting money.
  • Avoid as much liabilities as possible / any possessions that generates more expenses.
  • Focus on assets / passive incomes are best / put your money to work / invest well.
  • Always aim for long term freedom and independence, it’s better to enjoy what you do.
  • Overall, learn cash flow.

At the very general, there are three levels of people. For me, I study in them in this order: poor > middle class > rich.

  1. Learn why people are poor and find ways to get out of poverty.
  2. Learn how the poor can become middle class but why middle class cannot become rich.
  3. Learn the rules that distinguishes between the rich and the middle class plus the poor.

1. Inspiration

I recommend watching in the following order:



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