My Opinion Regarding Hard Skills and Soft Skills when I was an Undergraduate Student

Fajar Purnama
5 min readDec 23, 2020

Regarding soft skills and hard skills for me, both are important. The most important thing for me is open minded, which means accepting something regardless of background and status, always being prejudiced, and accepting all differences. Roughly it means being able to accept other people’s opinions, to be able to hang out with anyone, but still hold to our beliefs. If we are open minded, then softskill and hardskill will encourage each other.

According to my definition, soft skills are personalities with good social skills, cooperation, discipline, and so on. Hard skills are one’s own ability to do something, for example being able to master course material, be able to assemble electronic devices, be able to do research, and other abilities.

To be honest, at first I went to college, majored in electrical engineering in 2010, I have little soft skills. Until now I was heavy on hard skills, more independent from others. One example during college, where friends prefer to discuss to complete assignments, I chose to work alone first. But that doesn’t mean I shut myself off from others. Most of the time I can work it out myself, and well. My friends knew this, so I was asked to help them with their assignments. What I do is not give them my assignment but teach them how to complete the task. Teaching my friends as well as the discussion also increases my knowledge. That’s how I can make friends in the campus environment. From the beginning I didn’t have any friends, thanks to often helping them solve problems I ended up playing with them every time I went to campus. So hard skill helps to improve soft skills. The lesson I learned, if smart and open minded, there will be many people who will come. Now my abilities are known to have a pile of work coming up at my desk. Now almost every day I get a call to help set up a computer network at the Badung Central Government Office, I am appointed to take care of the web, Kelas Inspire Bali, and many other jobs that come. With a lot of work that came I ended up getting along with a lot of people. Thanks to hard skill, you can increase soft skill on the condition that it must be open minded.

If it is open minded then the opposite can happen. Soft skill can increase hard skill. In my experience…

Fajar Purnama

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