My Period between College Graduation and Studying Abroad

Fajar Purnama
20 min readApr 1, 2021

While I was backuping data, I found documents that I written between after my college graduation and before I continued study abroad. So I might as well post them and write an article about them. Basically, I was stressed because I was pushed without rest to find a job, then I had no choice but to take a stressing job, and finally resigned because I got accepted in studying abroad.

Insanely Applied to Valve

I was a gamer back then especially when my friends were also gamers. The games that we played back then are mostly from Steam. On their website, the job menu was always there and back then was emphasized. Their book about their job was also open electronically. The most interesting thing that I remembered that their company’s structure was dynamic. Everyone can come up with a project and the structure will be made after the approval of the project and once the project finishes, the structure changes based on the next project. As I was desperate back then, I did not think twice to apply, and what is the disadvantage of just applying. Here is my cover letter when I was applying:

I would like to apply for the position in network/system engineer. In the past I have dealt with simple local area network until complex network in certain agencies. I started when I was an undergraduate student in a computer lab learning ip address confguration, twisted pair cables and simple switches. Then I got to be part of a project in installing fiber optic cable for whole central government regency of Badung. I was a staff supervisor under CV Bali Info data which my job description was reporting every detail of the project’s development to the heads of the project. With three of my friends we witness the whole work from June to August 2012 everyday, starting from planting the cable underground, splicing, to network configuration. My friends wrote an analysis about the cabling, such as the splicing and the OTDR test result, while I took interest and specialize in network configuration. I wrote a report and made a simulation of how the networks were configured. The simulation I made in Cisco Packet Tracer because

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