My Story About Upland Earth Metaverse on EOS Blockchain for New Players

Fajar Purnama
8 min readMar 11, 2021

My Description and Opinion

Real estate business is a rich man’s or woman’s business now. With the average salary in my area of around $200 a month it will take almost 6 years to accumulate that salary to be able to buy a cheap land which is $14500 and in reality will take even more years as the previous calculation do not include the expenses. Building a home will cost at least another same amount, it can be much more, so how many years for anyone starting from zero to afford a house? Just excluding the expenses, it will take at fastest 12 years. This is the unfortunate fate of average people who are not exposed to banking services. Those who are fortunate can apply for credits or loans where they can immediately own a house but must cut their salary every month. Businessman and entrepreneur knows how to utilize the system. They can borrow money to buy a land or property but do business with them. For example, the trend in my area is building a motel, guess house, or any kind of renting services where the profit can be much more than the amount of interest they need to pay each month.

The old timers said that this was not the case in the past. Just work hard and eventually anyone can afford a property. I do not know why, maybe because of inflation or people doing property business where they keep on buying and selling repeatedly, the price skyrocketed. Maybe because the minority finally got their hands on most of the properties which can be almost a monopoly so they can just set the price high. In the end, we Millenials and GenerationZ have no almost no hope in finding properties with decent price so might as well bury the idea of business in real estate. Well, we can still dream by playing Monopoly video games such as “Get Rich” but being rich there is only being rich there. However Upland plans to bring the real economy into the game that if we profit we will really become rich not only inside the game but in real life as well because they plan to have the in-game currency and other assets to be tradeable to real world physical asset.

Fajar Purnama

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