My Unemployed or Selfemployed Income as a Blogger October 2020

Fajar Purnama
5 min readNov 1, 2020

Content Creation



  • LBRY: LBC 17.92492787 ≈ $0.34629168152053


  • Filearmy: BTC 0.00000006 ≈ $0.000274935

Personal Monetization

Common Tasks



  • Playing Board King game offer: $1.224
  • Survey, faucet, etc.: $0.344


Currently the quantity is too much to handle when the value I earned is not much. So I may report this on a separate article.

October 2020 Income ≈ $142

Grade: C

Personnal Comments

  • If I do not improve soon, I may have to give up being a full time independent content creator and seek a job because it is only worth a month of expenses.
  • It is not liquid where I need time and fees to spend these currencies. This lifestyle is only possible because I have savings.
  • I spent over 8 hours everyday writing that includes Saturday and Sunday but the good side is that the time is flexible, for example if I have appointments, I can stop and continue later, I can spend the midnight late and wake up late or vice versa where I sleep early and wake up early to work, and…
Fajar Purnama

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