Now a Blogger Handbook which used to be a Gumbrih Village Website Handbook during my community service program

Fajar Purnama
8 min readOct 21, 2020


This guidebook is a guidebook that I wrote when I conducted a Community Service Program or Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN) in Gumbrih Jembrana Village, Bali, when I was an undergraduate student at Udayana University February 2014. One of our contributions was to create a guidebook for Gumbrih Village to manage its blog which at that time became the main website. The story is that the Community Service Program team before us contributed to the creation of a Gumbrih Village blog because one of the potentials of Gumbrih Village is its tourism object and to attract more tourists can be done by promoting Gumbrih Village tourism objects through the website. However, the previous Community Service Program team could only do that and did not handed over the website’s maintenance to Gumbrih Village. Therefore, the aim of our Community Service Program team was to make a guidebook to manage the Gumbrih Village website at that time and handover the management to Gumbrih Village. But after I returned today I could no longer find the Gumbrih website, either it was no longer taken care of so it was deleted or moved to another website, for example I found If anyone knows the latest development of the Desa Gumbrih website, please comment. So this manual is now only useful as a tutorial for Blogger or Blogspot. In the end, this article is shown for those who have never blogged at all but want to find out and try, and for those who want to know what I contributed to during my Community Service Program.

1. Accessing Gumbrih Blog

Gumbrih Village already has a website at that can be accessed at with a google account username: ***** with password: *****.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Gumbrih website front page

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