Portable and Synchronized Distributed Learning Management System in Severe Networked Regions

Fajar Purnama
42 min readSep 4, 2020


Fajar Purnama


  • This is a thesis submitted to Graduate School of Science and Technology, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in Kumamoto University, Japan, on September 2017 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering but was not published thus the copyright remained with me “Fajar Purnama” the main author where I have the authority to repost anywhere and I claimed full responsibility detached from Kumamoto University. Therefore, I hereby declare to license it as customized CC-BY-SA where you are also allowed to sell my contents but with a condition that you must mention that the free and open version is available here. In summary, the mention must contain the keyword “free” and “open” and the location such as the link to this content.
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Copyright Clearance

Below are the publications reused in this thesis that does not require copyright clearance:

Below are the publications reused in this thesis that requires copyright clearance:

Incremental Synchronization Implementation on Survey using Hand Carry Server Raspberry Pi [9]

Rsync and Rdiff implementation on Moodle’s backup and restore feature for course synchronization over the network [12]


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