Publish0x: Content Platform that Tips both Publishers and Readers in Crypto Tokens

Fajar Purnama
8 min readMay 22, 2020

Rules I will write the unique thing about Publish0x first. For me is a fantastic match because I get to follow my favorite crypto news and get paid. Although this platform is initiated by crypto enthusiasts, everyone else are welcome and maybe soon the contents will become more general. If you are reading this on Publish0x, I want to tell you that this article is also distributed to other platforms to promote Publish0x where you can see what they are in the end of this article.

Token Withdrawal Proof

Igor Tomić the COO at the time was kind enough to reward me $5 of LRC for following the experience article contest eventhough I was late. I requested LRC token withdrawal on 3th Mei 2020 and arrived at 5th Mei 2020 which the payout is every Monday. The transaction ID is 0xed3b0dfaf03545195c563a55fed1b2d9a6e1e91f0a9a56bfc707ad436cbb1795 where my receiving address is 0xcf354a0012160bc5dae441c49f0b2d7e4a4ffc96. At that time to withdraw, first go to settings, in wallet, input your Ethereum public address which I highly recommend an address that you hold the private key, second go to dashboard, third go to payments and request for withdrawal and wait.

Ambassador Program

If you are interested to join Publish0x first as a reader and maybe afterwards as a writer, join using this link if you don’t have any referrer. Publish0x are few of many platforms that provides a unique way to refer people. As you can see from link above, I was a given a unique refferal identification (ID) of “?a=4oeEw0Yb0B” where I can attach to any Publish0x links to refer to someone to receive commissions even if they are not my articles. For example, if I find interesting articles, I can share to my friends or post to the social media while attaching my referral ID to the articles’ links, and if…

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