Simple Introduction to Computer Network and the Internet

0. Outline

Figure A. Internet Illustrated


Figure B. Sample Network Simulation

1. A tour around todays Network

1.1 Definition

Figure 1.1 Illustration of simple computer network

1.2 The Internet

Search Engines on Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2 Google

Wikis on Figure 1.3.

Figure 1.3 Wikipedia

Social Medias on Figure 1.4.

Figure 1.4 Facebook

Online Videos on Figure 1.5.

Figure 1.5 Youtube

Online Courses on Figure 1.6.

Figure 1.6 Coursera

Online Games on Figure 1.7.

Figure 1.7 Dota2

Personal Websites (blogs) on Figure 1.8.

Figure 1.8 Wordpress

Emails and Chats on Figure 1.9.

Figure 1.9 Yahoo Mail

Cloud Services on Figure 1.10.

Figure 1.10 Cloud9

2. A Computer Network

2.1 Types of Computer Network

Figure 2.1 Types of Computer Network Summary

2.1.1 Peer-Peer (P2P) Network

Figure 2.2 Peer-Peer Network

2.1.2 Local Area Network (LAN)

Figure 2.3 Local Area Network (LAN)

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Figure 2.4 Wide Area Network (WAN)

2.2 Some Information

2.2.1 Internet Protocol Version 4

2.2.2 Open Systems Interconnection Model

Figure 2.5 Osi Layer

3. Simple Routing

3.1 Default Gateway

Figure 3.1 Common PC network configuration
Figure 3.2 Filled Manual Host Network Configuration
Figure 3.3 Trace routing on neighboring network on Core

3.2 Static Routing

Figure 3.4 Static routing configuration of R1
Figure 3.5 Static routing configuration of R2
Figure 3.6 GIF Image to activate static route configuration
Figure 3.7 GIF image in trace routing from n1 to n10 and n11 to n6

3.3 Dynamic Routing

Figure 3.8 RIP configuration on R1
Figure 3.9 RIP configuration on R2
Figure 3.10 GIF image of trace routing
Figure 3.11 GIF image of configuring RIP on Core-Network

4. Common Features on The Internet

4.1 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Figure 4.1 Disabling manual IP and activate DHCP
Figure 4.2 DHCP server configuration
Figure 4.3 Client receives configuration
Figure 4.4 Default DHCP setting for Network Manager

4.2 Domain Name Service (DNS)

Figure 4.5 Dig the domain name
Figure 4.6 Try DNS on Core-Network

4.3 Web Server

Figure 4.7 Apache2
Figure 4.8 Elearning Moodle


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