The Basics of Financial Technical Analysis even in Crypto

Fajar Purnama
9 min readJul 5, 2021

With my background in academics, I relied on fundamental analysis to invest in cryptocurrencies. After reading their whitepaper, using their products, seeing their roadmap, and surveying their competition, I performed amateur sentiment analysis which are watching the news, checking their Twitter account, and joined their Telegram group. However, those method only works effectively in gem hunting. Finding a project with good fundamentals but still very few knew about it, is almost a guarantee win investment strategy. My first win was Statera where deflationary loop was a revolution at the time where my $100 became $1000. Then DEXMEX, one of the first leverage trading in Uniswap from my $10000 into $20000 where I sold early which the peak was $30000. Finally JDI Yield from $10000 into $30000 where I sold early as well which peaked $140000. The problem is, what about already popular projects? Back then I was not interested in Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Harmony One and so on because they already pumped, in an all time high which was too expensive in my eyes. I do not like buying assets that already pumped as all of my experiences in all of these coins, whenever I buy they always go down. Although I am fortunate enough to get in $100s in Polkadot, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, and Kucoin Share where all of them became $1000s. So the question is, how can I know a good time to enter these good fundamentals but already popular projects? The answer I found is financial technical analysis. Back then I only use fundamental and sentiment analysis, lacking technical analysis where I cannot avoid: selling too early, selling too late, buying too late and worse at a fear of missing out (FOMO). Although technical analysis does not completely mitigate those problems, just learning the basics helps a lot. In this article, I list the basic materials where I left hyperlinks to the chapters I wrote in each headings so click on them to learn more of the basics in detail.

1. The DOW Theory

I have wrote my interpretation of the DOW theory in this chapter. I have also included my interpretation related to crypto in the featured. Now, I can even…

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