The Effect of FPS, Resolution and Bitrate Settings on the Resulting Throughput in the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder Software

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This is an English translated of my assignment from undergraduate course regarding research writing where the point is taught that research writing consists mostly of Abstracts, Introduction, Literature Reviews, Research Methods, Discussion, Conclusion, and Bibliography. Even though this course teaches in more detail about the contents of each chapter, at that time I was not able to fully reflect the details in this assignment.


Logically, the resolution and fps settings in the streaming video should have an effect on the amount of throughput. But in the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder software there is a bitrate setting, this is what affects the amount of throughput. Resolution and fps (frames per second) seem to have an effect on bitrate. This research is proof that the statement is true. In the future, besides knowing the throughput generated from various settings in the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder software, the appropriate settings will be obtained.

This study uses two computers connected to the same network. The first computer does video steaming over the second computer, which measures the throughput produced by the first computer. The software used to measure throughput is Wireshark. Throughput measurements are carried out at various resolutions, fps (frames per second), and bitrate. Then the average throughput of the various resolutions, fps, and bitrates will be compared.

From the research results, it is proven that the average throughput produced is in accordance with the bitrate setting. There was no visible impact from the resolution and fps settings.

1 Introduction

1.1 Background

Video quality such as image pixel size and fps (frames per second) affects throughput. The bigger the image pixel, the bigger the data frame sent. Likewise with fps. A web cam has been installed in the Computer Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, Udayana University. Installation of a web cam to show lab activities via the web. In fact, the resulting throughput with various settings for fps (frames per second), resolution and bitrate is not known. In this study, the resulting throughput will be observed with various settings for fps (frames per second), resolution, and…

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