Trying and Installing Linux Ubuntu Guide

Fajar Purnama
8 min readDec 10, 2020

Why Install Linux?

Old users probably bought their laptops with Windows installed. Some new users got their Mac Book with MacOS installed. While in the west buying software are just like buying meals, in the east people have to work hard to earn money to buy these softwares. It is frustating enough to see people allocating software cost by cutting their on the edge living allowance, most people choose to cross the line by illegally cracking the software instead. I still remembered back in my undergraduate studies that Microsoft Office and Matlab is an essential software for course works and assignments. Instead of buying them by cutting a few months worth of allowance, why not just crack them? You know what? Cracking was the only alternative we know. We didn’t know there was Openoffice, Libreoffice, and Octave. Though freewares are now more available in Windows and MacOS, Linux is still the home to free and open source software. Did I forget to mention back then that even my Windows was cracked? Well most Linux distribution are not only free but opensource as well which means the codes are open for anyone to see. The following are reasons that I can think of for installing Linux:

  • Mainly Linux are for those who wants to see the source code of the operating system, customize them, and maybe reuse them to make their own operating system.
  • For general users, it is the home of free and opensource software where instead of cracking software for those who cannot and does not want to buy software, use Linux instead that secures us from the law.
  • Other than for those who wants to support open source software, are for those who are curious. Why not give it a try? It does not hurt and nothing to lose. It is not like the old times where Linux are difficult to use but Linux has advanced to be more beautiful and user friendly.

Download Linux and Create a Bootable Drive

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