Upgrading Old Moodle Guide to Latest Version

Fajar Purnama
8 min readDec 18, 2020

For experienced and wise administrators, you only need the featured image information to proceed and ignore the rest of the guide. I tried upgrading directly from version 1.9 to the latest and failed. I tried several upgrade paths and found one that succeeded which are moodle version 1.x to 1.9 stable to 2.2 stable to 2.7 stable to 2.9 stable to 3.0 stable to latest. For those who just tried installing and using Moodle, I prepared a more detailed guide here, but for others may find it hard to understand this guide without trying installing and using Moodle first. The result is that contents and users are alright, haven’t check the others though.


This guide serves for administrators in large institutions who needs to upgrade their Moodle version to the latest version. Administrators usually forgets to upgrade their Moodle and the problem is that the web interface connects to Moodle developer’s server and attempts to upgrade to the latest version directly where as time passes, this does not work due to the administrators’ Moodles’ version far behind the latest version. If I am not wrong, the web interface will show that the upgrade button is no longer supported due to the far behind version and asked to upgrade manually.

There is always an option to ignore this and just continue with the old version. The problem other than security is that the Moodle’s implementation will face stagnation which will not able to grow and enjoy new features. This is a real case in 2017 that Udayana University’s (UNUD’s) Moodle is still version 1.9 while other University’s already implements version around 2.7, and the latest version at the time is 3.2. Although Moodle 1.9 was an innovation in 2010, I can confidently criticize UNUD’s 1.9 was unappealing compared to the Kumamoto University’s Moodle version 2.7 and Sam Ratulangi University’s Moodle version 2.9, and even my laboratory’s Moodle version 3.2 that I built myself was more appealing. The new version, follows the design and feature of modern websites which is an important factor for both students and teachers. As I browsed the web a lot like most people do today, I can harshly say…

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