My Blogger Income July 2021 Preparing Materials for New Crypto Users

Fajar Purnama
5 min readAug 7, 2021

Content Creation



  • LBRY: LBC 2.9 ≈ $0.08


Personal Monetization

Common Tasks



  • Survey, faucet, etc.: $0


Currently the quantity is too much to handle when the value I earned is not much. So I may report this on a separate article.

June 2021 Income ≈ $60

Grade: D

Personal Comments

I found fintech applications to immediately dive into certificate of deposits (COD)s, government bonds, mutual funds, index funds, forex, commodities, stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and wrote a guide about it. This month was also the end of financial technical analysis course and I decided to start another Youtube channel to practice my technical analysis. Most of this month, I wrote a quick guide to cryptocurrency and translated them to my local language because I…

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