Quick Guide to Coingecko Mobile

Fajar Purnama
5 min readJul 15, 2021

This is a quick guide to coingecko mobile, one of the sources of cryptocurrency information which is one of the necessities to begin in crypto. Originally, this article was intended to combine with the cryptocurrency quick guide but too many large images in one place can be overwhelming for many readers which is best to be separated here. For those already literate in information communication technology (ICT) probably does not need this guide so go ahead and read the quick guide cryptocurrency instead.

We start with the home menu which is the main function of Coingecko, to show a list of cryptocurrencies and their prices and sorts them out based on our preference whether it is by market capitalization, by prices, or by price changes. Click on any of the coins to see more information about them.

Sliding to the right of the top menu shows the categories which is a new feature at the time of writing this guide. There are many categories in cryptocurrencies such as decentralized finance (DeFi), stable coins, and meme coins, just like stocks where there are companies in health sector, energy sector, industry sector, finance sector, etc. In the past, we have to blindly check each and every coins and categorize them ourselves. Nowadays, Coingecko helped in categorizing them for us which really helps for those who are new in cryptocurrency.

If browsing through the list of coins, then we use the search feature to search coins that we found in exchanges, in news, in social medias, or coins that are friends mentioned to find more information about the coins.

For example, I searched for Terra Luna where the first information the most…

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